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2015 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Hobby Box
2015 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Hobby Box

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Our Price: $169.95

Qty Available:3

Look for (3) of The Following per Hobby Box - Autographs - Relics - Cut Signatures - Allen & Ginter Originals - Rip Cards - 1 per Hobby Case!
  • Each box contains 24 packs with 8 cards per pack.
  • 350 veterans, rookies, public figures, and non-baseball champions. The last 50 card numbers are short-printed and inserted 1:2 packs.
  • Mini Parallel - A miniature version of the base cards.
  • Allen & Ginter Back - Featuring an Allen & Ginter logo back.
  • Allen & Ginter Black-Bordered
  • Allen & Ginter No Number - Limited to 50.
  • Allen & Ginter Flag Back - Featuring a specially created Allen & Ginter flag parallel back and hand-numbered to 25.
  • Allen & Ginter Wood - Hand-numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY
  • Printing Plates - Featuring all four plates used to print every mini parallel and mini exclusive card. Framed and numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY
  • Mini Parallel Pack An exclusive mini pack featuring 5 red mini parallel cards of the base set. 1 Per Hobby Case.
  • Allen & Ginter Metal - Printed on actual metal stock. Sequentially numbered to 3. HOBBY ONLY
  • Allen & Ginter Cloth Cards - Printed on cloth and framed. Sequentially numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY
  • Allen & Ginter Mini Buybacks
  • Cards from the first three years will be bought back and stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo. 1 per box HOBBY ONLY
  • Allen & Ginter Buyback Autographs
  • Mini cards of players will be bought back, signed, stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo, and framed in a special 10th Anniversary frame. Hand-numbered to 10.
  • Allen & Ginter Autograph Buybacks
  • Framed autographs from previous releases will be bought back, stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo, and reframed in a special 10th Anniversary frame. Numbered to 10.
  • 10th Anniversary Parallel
  • The entire base set will be paralleled with the addition of the 10th Anniversary logo. Numbered to 10
  • Allen & Ginter Full-Size Buybacks
  • Cards from the first three years of Topps Allen & Ginter will be bought back and stamped with the 10th Anniversary logo. 2 per box HOBBY ONLY
  • Allen & Ginter Autographs
  • Framed mini cards featuring on-card autographs from MLB superstars, and over 30 other non-baseball athletes, champions, and personalities.
  • Cut Signatures
  • 20 cards featuring certified cut signatures of political and historical figures. Numbered 1 of 1.
  • RIP CARDS (Hobby Only)
  • 100 cards featuring MLB stars, sequentially numbered and HOBBY ONLY. Keep it or RIP it? The choice is yours. If you rip it, inside you'll find one of the following:
  • Artist's Originals
  • 30 actual, original, 1-of-1 paintings on a mini card and only found in Rip Cards.
  • Allen & Ginter Red Autographs
  • On-card autographs from some of the autograph subjects, signed in red and hand-numbered in red to 10.
  • Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives
  • 50 cards numbered 351-400 and found only in Rip Cards, these are mini-card variations of players' base cards.
  • Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives
  • A wood parallel of the mini exclusives. Numbered 1 of 1.
  • Allen & Ginter Mini Metal Exclusives
  • A metal parallel of the mini exclusives. Numbered to 3.
  • These limited edition RIP cards can be ripped on both sides! Inside, you'll find one of the RIP card exclusive inserts, or a special insert available ONLY in Double RIP cards
  • Allen & Ginter Red Autograph Buybacks
  • Red autographs from throughout Ginter's history will be bought back and stamped with the "10th Anniversary" logo. Double Rip Card exclusive.
  • And returning this year...
  • Hidden inside the Double Rip Card could be another, smaller Rip Card. Inside this card you could find a Mini Mini Parallel Card of one of the 400 base subjects, including Mini Exclusives, or a redemption card for a full set of Framed Relic cards. Numbered.
  • Allen & Ginter Relics
  • Once again, Allen & Ginter will feature three different relic card designs! One will be a framed mini card featuring relics from over 40 MLB superstars. Two other designs will feature full-sized relics from more MLB stars, as well as the other Champions and Personalities. No box will contain two of the same relic design.
  • Allen & Ginter Book Cards
  • 50 book cards that will be either single-player autograph relic cards or dual-player autograph cards. Numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY
  • Full-Sized Inserts
  • Allen & Ginter Framed Originals
  • 100 framed original Allen & Ginter buybacks. Numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY
  • Starting Points
  • 100 cards focusing on MLB stars and their debuts in the Bigs.
  • Ancient Armory
  • See the weapons used by soldiers and warriors of the past.
  • Menagerie of the Mind
  • Mythological creatures!
  • What Once Would Be
  • This is the Future the Past expected.
  • What Once Was Believed
  • Some ideas fall out of favor.
  • Great Scott!
  • Some of the greatest scientific discoveries in history.
  • Starting Points are inserted 1:2 PACKS while all other full-sized inserts are a combined 1:2 PACKS.
  • Mini Inserts
  • First Ladies
  • Highlighting First Ladies from throughout history.
  • Hoist the Black Flag
  • The scourges of the high seas.
  • Magnates, Barons, & Tycoons
  • Captains of industry.
  • Birds of Prey
  • They rule the skies.
  • Mythological Menaces
  • Taunters and tempters from stories from around the world.
  • A World Beneath Our Feet
  • Bugs!
  • Overall insertion rate for mini inserts is 1:5 packs.
  • Pride of the People Cabinet Box Loaders
  • Cabinet-sized cards featuring monuments from around the world.
  • Over-sized Reprints Cabinet
  • Box Loaders Cabinet-sized cards featuring reprints of 10 superstars' base cards.
  • Cabinet Relics
  • 10 cabinet-sized box loaders featuring relics you can't find anywhere else - full jersey pieces featuring player's names or numbers. Numbered 1 of 1.
  • Cabinet Book Relics 10 more cabinet-
  • sized box loaders featuring relics you can't find anywhere else - full jersey pieces featuring player's names or numbers - and this time they're books, featuring two full relics! Numbered 1 of 1.
  • Box Loader Inserts
  • An all-new style for the box loader inserts.
  • Box Loader Relics
  • Hand-numbered to 25.
  • Box Loader Autographs
  • Hand-numbered to 15.
  • Box Loader Autographed Relics
  • Hand numbered to 5.
  • Box Loader Cut Signatures
  • Hand numbered 1 of 1.

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